Texas Women's University Nursing School Graduation Photos

It has been a year or so since I have done any photography in the Texas Medical Center, so I was excited when we were asked to take several graduation photos for a good friend whose daughter is graduating from Texas Women's University with a BSN. This was also our first shoot with our new monolight strobe, the Flashpoint AD600 Pro, and I am definitely looking forward to using that on future sessions and weddings. 

Congratulations on your graduation!


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NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab

Today, we had an awesome experience at the Neutral Buoyancy Lab at NASA

Divers are seen positioning equipment in the massive pool which is over 40 feet deep. 

Divers are seen positioning equipment in the massive pool which is over 40 feet deep. 

The goal of the Neutral Buoyancy Lab is to provide as realistic training as possible on Earth for astronauts conducting "space walks". The pool which is 40 feet deep, contains a full size replica of the International Space Station

The facility is impressive to see in terms of its manpower and sheer size:


IPhone panorama of the pool area. In the top center of the image, you can see the control room for the facility and training. 

IPhone panorama of the pool area. In the top center of the image, you can see the control room for the facility and training. 

We were lucky enough to see astronauts gearing up for their training. Due to the size of the spacesuits (not the weight- as they are made neutrally buoyant!)- each astronaut requires 4 safety divers to monitor and move their position. Astronauts get to use mock-ups of the same tools they use in space, so they can build muscle memory for their mission. 


Above- Astronaut, Dr. Serena M. Auñón-Chancellor, prepares for her training mission in the pool. Canadian Astronaut, David Saint-Jacques, is seen being lowered into the pool by the lift system. Click on the pictures for full size previews. 

I also shot some 35mm film in the used Canon AE-1 I picked up the other day, and I am pretty excited to see how those images turn out.

Have a good week!





* I am not affiliated with NASA in any way. This post does not represent any viewpoints of NASA. 

Should you do a first look?

A first look session is one of the items we discuss with all couples. Some couples embrace tradition and do not want the groom to see the bride until the ceremony and others like the idea of having an intimate moment to enjoy before the crowds and the ceremony. What is right for you?


Recently we photographed Don and Kasia's wedding at Oak Tree Manor, and they decided they wanted to have a first look session before their friends and guests arrived. 

There is no right or wrong decision. Even couples who consider themselves non-traditional, find it can be special to see each other for the first time on their wedding day at the altar, while even some who see themselves as traditional enjoy the peaceful moment together before the big day begins.

Whichever your choice, we look forward to helping you remember your special day.


Fun photo session at Boheme

Matt & Melanie are both wine lovers, and when it came to their engagement photos, they wanted to take them in one of their favorite places in Houston, Boheme. We had a lot of fun shooting these pics, and I can't wait to photograph their wedding. Congratulations to you both!

Senior Portraits

Krissy is graduating high school next month, and her mother, a friend of mine, asked if we could do a few senior portraits. Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative, and we landed up having to photograph with complete cloud cover; however, with the magic of a few flashes, we were able to make things work! I am excited to go through all the pictures!

Family Portraits

Normally, I shoot most of my pictures and portraits in central Houston, but Wayne said he had a place in mind near Cinco Ranch for his family portraits. Wayne's oldest son, Dawson, is getting ready to start college in a few months and Wayne wanted to update their portraits before Dawson leaves. 


The Houston Dynamo in Baytown

The Houston Dynamo held an event at the Baytown Soccer Complex, and the Baytown Saints Soccer Club asked me to document it for them. It was a really great event, and the two players, Leonardo and Calle Brown, that came out to sign autographs for their fans were really attentive and took time to talk to everyone who asked for an autograph. 
The full gallery is available by clicking here